Breast Augmentation Using Moderate Profile Saline Breast Implants

Practice: Murphy Plastic Surgery

Case ID: 2361

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Case Details

This breast augmentation patient is a 26 year old woman who is 5’^’ tall and weighs 120 pounds. Dr. Murphy perfoirmed her breast augmentation surgery using 475cc Mentor smooth, round, moderate profile saline breast implants. The breast implants were overfilled to 500cc. The implants were placed under the chest muscle using a periareolar incision. Before surgery, the patient was an A cup. After her breast enlargement, she is a C cup.

Reno plastic surgeons Dr. James Murphy and Dr. Gareth Strand of Northern Nevada Plastic Surgery are well known for their work with breast implants. This patient came to Northern Nevada Plastic Surgery seeking breast implants to give her a more proportionate figure. Her before and after photos show that Northern Nevada Plastic Surgery was able to use breast implants to give her larger, symmetrical, natural looking breasts. This patient is very happy with her Reno breast implants provided by Northern Nevada Plastic Surgery.

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