FAQs: Breast Augmentation- Lowering Inframammary Fold – Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation with Lowering of the Inframammary Fold

Reviewed by Dr. Tom Pousti, MD

May 12, 2008

Some patients present with a short distance from the areola to their inframammary fold. Many of these patients wish to increase this distance and the “fullness” of the lower pole of the breasts. This distance can be increased in the operating room and the fullness of the lower pole of the breasts enhanced with the implants. Careful measurements area made in order to achieve as much symmetry as possible – care is taken to avoid over-dissection and a resulting “bottoming out” of the implants.

Lowering Fold - Breast Augmentation Lowering Fold - breast implants.
Before breast implants are placed, markings are performed and sizers are placed to achieve the desired outcome of lowering the infra-mammary fold.
Lowering Fold Lowering Fold
In the operating room with breast implants in position and the infra-mammary fold lowered and therefore producing a larger distance from the areola to the infra-mammary fold.

This procedure can be used for patients with tubular or "constricted” breasts as well to help in achieving the fuller, rounder appearance. Settling of the breast implants may require 3-12 months after surgery.

Before and after photos - Surgery results: lowering the inframammary fold.

Before shot of lowering fold for breast augmentation Lowering Fold - after shot
Lowering Fold Lowering Fold after shot - breast augmentation

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