Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

So you've decided to explore breast augmentation or maybe even that you definitely want it. You've spent time learning about it on your own and are ready to meet with a plastic surgeon. That initial meeting with a plastic surgeon is called a consultation because the surgeon is consulting with you to determine how to give you the look you want. This is a very important meeting for many reasons. Some of the most important ones are

  • It gives you an opportunity to see if you can communicate with your plastic surgeon.
  • Your surgeon can assess you for any issues that may complicate or prevent breast augmentation.
  • You can learn how different choices may impact your result.
  • You can learn about different types of breast implants.
  • Together, you and your plastic surgeon will come up with a plan for surgery.
  • You can ask what to expect during your recovery from breast augmentation.

There are some definite questions you should ask in your breast augmentation consultation. We've put together a simple list in our Breast Augmentation Consultation Checklist that you can bring with you so you don't forget anything. You may have other questions in addition to these, but these will serve as a good guide for you!

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