Natrelle Pre-Consultation Kit – Breast Augmentation Surgery

A Great Way to Choose Breast Implant Size

We just learned about a fantastic new way to help you choose which size breast implants will work best for you - the Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit. We spent some time in May evaluating the kit and walked away very impressed. This seems like such a good, simple innovation that we’re surprised no one thought of it before!

One of the biggest worries that all women have is how to choose the right size breast implant for the look they want to achieve. The lucky women who get it right the first time probably do so because they spend time finding a way to tell a plastic surgeon how they want to look, using different methods to help visualize the result. These methods range from showing photos to bringing in plastic bags of rice they stuffed in their bras. While most surgeons are scientific about it, using measuring devices to assure the choice is right for your height, weight and frame, implant size remains the single largest decision for breast augmentation surgery… and a very personal one.

At Allergan, the makers of the Natrelle® Collection of breast implants, they recognized that too many women were hesitant to have the ideal profile they really wanted because it was difficult for them to visualize how they would look with breast implants. And many women had no idea what a consultation with a plastic surgeon would involve. So they decided to come up with a pre-consultation kit that women can use to accurately choose the size that attains a successful result.

Their kit is brilliant! It’s called the Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit because it’s designed to help educate you before you see your surgeon. It is a first class product that Natrelle® ships directly to your home so you can take your time, try on different sizes with every style of clothing and in different moods. Seeing yourself in the mirror in the outfits you want to wear is quite a powerful thing. You can even have a friend or spouse offer thoughts about the different sizes. This way, when you do go for your breast enhancement consultation, you will be prepared to show the surgeon exactly what you want. Plus, you’ve had a really good look at what the consultation is all about, so you and your plastic surgeon will be speaking the same language.

The kit comes with implants, a sizing bra and a DVD with 2 of America’s premier plastic surgeons preparing you for your consultation. Having seen it in person, it’s a great idea and well worth the price of $39.95. As a bonus, the kit comes with a $50 rebate toward your Natrelle® breast implants. Since the kit only costs $39.95, the breast implant rebate more than pays for it! For detailed labeling and safety information about the Natrelle® Collection of breast implants, please read the complete patient information on the website.

NATRELLE is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc. 

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