Choosing a Plastic Surgeon and Checking Credentials

Checking Doctor's Credentials & Researching Your Plastic Surgeon

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We created this special section of the Resources section for all of you who know that it's important to choose a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon, but who don't know where to look for information. We've attempted to collect and distill the available information and put it in one convenient place.

This part of the ImplantInfo Information Resources section starts with a brief introduction into the factors which should influence you as your select a plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. Following the introduction, you will find sections explaining board certification, checking credentials and licensing and a listing of the places on the Internet where you can complete your research.

We've also included a state-by-state listing of phone numbers you can use to contact the various licensing agencies. Each month, more and more states publish more and more information to their websites, and we'll try to keep up with the changes, so be sure to check back often for updates! Also, be sure to check the surgeons who sponsor this site. ImplantInfo's sponsors were recommended to us by their patients.

You will place all of your trust in your plastic surgeon to do everything right when it comes to your plastic surgery procedure. After choosing your surgeon, you will leave the rest of the decisions in his or her hands. Make the most important decision of all the right way - find out about the training and experience of your plastic surgeon and choose the one that is best for you.

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