Double Bubble – Breast Augmentation Revision

Double Bubble Photos- Correction needed through Breast Augmentation Revision

Double Bubble breast implants Double Bubble - Breast augmentation

Patient is 17 weeks post-op. Her breast augmentation brought her from 34b to 34c* (no before photos available). Prior to surgery, she had two children, who were breastfed. Breast implants are McGhan anatomical and textured, filled to 350cc's. At the patient's latest check up at 16 weeks, her plastic surgeon told her that her breasts are healing nicely and to wait until her 6 month recheck to see if she has healed ok. The patient waited one month, with no change. Her plastic surgeon has told her she does not have double bubble but that her mammary glands just need to heal. He advised the patient that she is impatient but agreed to "tighten up" the bottom of both pockets under a local anesthetic. * Please note that "cup" sizes are approximate.

We will patiently await photos of the repair of this double bubble. This condition may have been avoided with a mastopexy (lift) in conjunction with the breast augmentation or with placement of the breast implants above the muscle. Without a lift, the breasts would have a homogenous appearance, because the implants would sag with the breast -- but they would sag a great deal. With a lift, double bubble would also be avoided but may involve scarring unacceptable to the patient.

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