FAQs: Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants Size Test

Rice Test (or water test): Measuring for Breast Implants. How does it work?

The Rice (or water) Test:

When trying to determine what size breast implants to choose, many women use this simple test to get an idea of how many CCs they will be comfortable with. If you would like to try it here is what you can do.

1 cup of rice = 250cc
Take a ziplock baggie and fill it with the appropriate amount of rice and try it on for size. You can also do this test with water.

The Water Test:

1 cup of water = 240cc
Have fun and remember this isn’t scientific but it may give you an idea of what size you would like to be. Your doctor may frown on this test because there are many variables but it is fun to try it.

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