FAQs: Double Bubble – Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants

Double Bubble?

Double bubble is the non-clinical terminology for when a woman with sagging breasts naturally, also has breast implants. When women with sagging breasts have a breast augmentation, a mastopexy (or breast lift) may also be advisable to lift along with the breast augmentation. An alternative to the breast lift, which in many cases can cause unacceptable scarring, is to place a larger breast implant above the muscle to fill out the sagging skin and tissue. In such cases, the entire breast may be slightly saggy but will appear filled out.

If the breast implant is placed in the submuscular position in a woman with sagging, it is possible that the breast implant, which is placed high on the chest under the pectoralis muscle, will look separate from the breast tissue which hangs below it. For this reason, many women who desire submuscular placement will opt for a breast lift to avoid the double bubble.

This condition can also occur in women after they have had breast implants for a while if the breast tissue sags (such as after pregnancy) and the implant remains high on the chest. The solution is usually a lift and/or revision of the breast crease, among other possibilities. Talk to your surgeon about a repair.

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