High Profile Breast Implants

High Profile Saline Breast Implants

Mentor High Profile Saline Breast Implants, style 3000, have a markedly increased projection (height of the breast implant) compared to standard profile saline breast implants.


High Profile Saline Breast Implants vs. Standard Saline Breast Implants

What this means is that normally in the standard saline implants, in order to get more projection, a much larger implant is necessary.

If a woman has a small chest diameter, the increased breast implant width is transmitted laterally toward the arm and vertically toward the neck. This may not look and feel proportional to her body. Now we can get the projection in smaller implants. In the photos, one can see that a 175 cc high profile implant has the equivalent projection as a 475 cc standard saline implant. When viewing these from above, the width difference can be appreciated.

175 cc High Profile Breast Implant vs. 475cc Standard Saline Implant

For those who have been agonizing between saline vs. silicon to reduce the rippling effect of the outer shell, in comparison, the high profile saline implants are much smoother is seen in the photos even while demonstrating compression of the standard implant as seen in the body under the muscle.

Smooth High Profile Saline Breast Implants vs. Lateral Rippling of Standard Saline Breast Implants

This smoother outer shell becomes important laterally in women with very little breast tissue and fat. This significant improvement gives us a great alternative to silicon to reduce this effect of the standard salines.

To better appreciate these new  High Profile Saline Breast Implants, I recommend you feeling them as compared to the standard implants. I hope this information is useful to those of you contemplating breast augmentation with saline implants.

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