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Arnica - What is it? How can it help heal from Breast Augmentation?

Arnica is a botanical which comes from several species of the daisy-like genus Arnica, native to high mountains of western North America. In its botanical form, It is toxic when ingested, and should never be taken internally. In homeopathic form, however, arnica is too diluted to cause toxicity, and is safe to ingest. It's an excellent treatment for muscles sprains, strains, stiffness, bruising, swelling and local tenderness. It is utilized in two ways: externally, as an ointment, and internally, as a homeopathic remedy.

Externally, tinctures and ointments of arnica may be applied freely to the affected area and massaged in. Arnica effectively reduces pain and swelling, and promotes rapid healing. Several commercially prepared ointments are available which are safe to use externally as needed.

Caution: Arnica ointments should never be applied to broken skin.

Homeopathic arnica tablets may be taken separately or along with external applications. Arnica tablets work quickly, and have no side effects. They are available in potencies ranging from 6x or 6c (low potency) to 200c (high potency). A good general-use potency is 30x. Dosages can range from one pill every eight hours to four pills an hour, depending upon need. Suggested dosage rates will be printed on the packaging.

Clinical research supports arnica's effectiveness. A 1991 British study on hospital patients with acute injuries showed that arnica relieved stiffness in 98% percent of the patients tested. It is also possible that arnica has preventive benefits. Many marathoners use it before they race.

Arnica preparations are available in health food stores, certain pharmacies, and mail order homeopathic pharmacies. One popular homeopathic arnica product typically found in health food stores is Hyland's "Arnicaid." Arnica should always be used in conjunction with necessary medical treatment.

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WARNING: Never take any medication or homeopathic supplement, whether you are having surgery or not, without consulting your physician!

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