FAQ’s on Breast Augmetation: Breast Surgery Consultation Checklist

Consultation Checklist - Courtesy of ImplantInfo


Please print this checklist and bring it to your plastic surgeon at the time of your consultation.

1. What are your credentials? Are you Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? How long have you been practicing plastic surgery?
2. Are you a member of the (ASPS) American Society of Plastic Surgeons or (ASAPS) American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?
3. How many procedures do you perform like this each year?
4. Are there any exceptions to your license I need to know about? Are there any malpractice claims against you?
5. What Hospitals do you have privileges at?
6. Can you give me references of past patients?
7. May I see before and after photos of your work?
8. Will surgery be performed in the hospital or a surgical Facility, and only by you or will another surgeon assist you?
9. Is the Surgical Facility Accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, or others such as AAAHC or JCAHO?
10. May I see the surgical suite? Or if in a hospital, can I tour?
11. Explain the type of anesthesia that you will be using. Who will be administering it and what are his or her credentials?
12. How are emergencies handled if problems occur?
13. What type of implant do you use and what would you recommend for me?
14. Does the FDA approve that particular implant or will I be part of a study?
15. Can you explain the different types of implants and why you feel one will work better than the other in my case, for instance the differences between smooth, textured, round, shaped, high profile, low profile, adjustable, silicone or saline.
16. Does a warrantee cover the implants, and can you explain what that is? Will my surgery be covered by that warrantee given the methods you will be using?
17. Is the breast size I wish to be after surgery attainable and how do you determine how many CCs will get me to that desired size? Do you use photos, sizers, or just your eye to determine this size?
18. What about nipple size? Is nipple reduction possible after surgery if I choose to do that?
19. Will I also need a lift to get my desired result? If so, what type of lift and where will my incisions be?
20. What type of visible scaring will I expect to have after my surgery?
21. What type of incision do you prefer to use, Inframammary, Periaerealor (also known as the Areola Incision), Armpit (axillary or transaxillary), or Navel (transumbilical or TUBA) and why?
22. Do you use drains after surgery - if so, why? If not, why?
23. How long will the surgery take?
24. How will I feel when I awake?
25. How much pain can I expect during the days and weeks after surgery and what medication do you use to control this? Do you recommend a pain pump?
26. What will I need to buy for recovery, sports bra, ice packs, etc or is there any special garment I will need to wear during recovery such as a strap?
27. Will I need assistance the first day or so after surgery or will I be able to care for myself?
28. How long will it take for me to return to my normal activities such as driving, lifting, sex, returning to work, exercise?
29. How long will it take for me to see the desired result? Will they look unnatural until then?
30. How will the surgery affect existing stretch marks?
31. Will the implants interfere with future mammograms?
32. Will they interfere with pregnancy or nursing?
33. What will be the long-term result of implants on my breast tissue? Will I have sagging like natural breasts?
34. What about possible Implant Displacement-Bottoming out? Are you responsible for this and will you correct it and at what cost?
35. Also address the issue of synmastia or bread loafing. Are you responsible for this. Will you correct it and again at what cost to me?
36. I am currently taking _____________ (medication) Will there be any problems with the medication? Will my medications interact with anything I will need to take during recovery?
37. Do you recommend any vitamins or herbs during recovery to help with healing such as arnica, vitamin E or anything else?
38. Do you recommend massage after surgery? How is it done, and why?
39. What are the risks of this surgery that I need to be aware of, such as loss of feeling in breasts or nipple sensitivity?
40. Please explain capsular contracture to me and how common it is. How is it treated if it happens to me? Can it be avoided and, if so, how?
41. What is rippling? Do you "overfill" or take other steps to avoid this?
42. What about Hematoma (accumulation of blood at surgical site after skin incision is closed) or Seroma (collection of clear fluid that weeps into wound several days following surgery) are these common?
43. How about more serious risks such as infection or skin death (necrosis)? Is this a common problem you see with your patients?
44. What about granulomas (non-cancerous lumps)? Is this a concern?
45. I've read that my period cycle may be thrown off a month or two? Is this true?
46. What about deflation and rupture rate? Knowing they will not last forever how long can I realistically expect them to last before needing to replace them?
47. How much is the surgery and does that include your fee, implants, anesthesia, hospital charges and follow up visits?
48. When is payment due, at pre-op visit? What is your policy if I chicken out? Refund?
49. What happens if I am dissatisfied with the results in terms of appearance? Size? Is there a cost to fix or redo? What is your revision policy?
50. How soon can we do surgery and will my consultation fee be deducted from the cost?

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