Nicole’s Personal Breast Augmentation Story

Nicole's Personal Breast Augmentation Story: Before & After Photos

Many women ask me why I decided to have breast augmentation surgery. I'd like to share little information about my own reasons for having breast augmentation followed by a summary of my research into the most common issues and risks associated with breast implants. I've also included a detailed journal of my own recovery. I hope that you enjoy it. I had my first surgery with saline implants in 1998 and recently had a revision surgery to silicone implants in 2006. If you just would like to read about my recent surgery with silicone breast implants, click here. Or, if you want to read the whole story of my first surgery, my research and starting this website, read on . . .

Please keep in mind that I strongly recommend that you keep current with the information provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as well as information provided by your own Plastic Surgeon. Since your surgeon has the opportunity to meet you in person, he or she can provide you with advice that you cannot get by simply reading things on the web.

Many of my sponsoring plastic surgeons have their own websites and they can be an excellent source of information, opinions and answers to your frequently asked questions.

I've also created an Internet Resources page which provides you with links to a wealth of information about plastic surgery, breast augmentation and breast implants from all over the world-wide web. My resources page doesn't list every single information source on the web, but I do update it regularly and it will provide you with a comprehensive foundation for your own research.

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