FAQs: Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants – Bottoming Out

Bottoming Out of Breast Implants

Bottoming Out of Breast ImplantsAlso known as breast implant displacement, breast implants can bottom out over time. An implant pocket created by a plastic surgeon in an above muscular placement or in a partial submuscular placement can fail. When this happens the loss of tissue support at the bottom half of the breast can allow the breast implant to move downward on the chest, gradually lowering the natural bottom (crease fold) of the breast. Although in most cases, an adequately created pocket in above or partially below muscle placement can prevent this from happening in the first place, some doctors avoid this condition with full sub-muscular coverage. Full muscular coverage involves placing the breast implant not only below the pectoralis muscle, but also under the abdominis rectus fascia and serratus muscles.

Bottoming out
 can be repaired by recreating or restoring the pocket with permanent sutures. Please see these bottoming out before and after photos to see how a board certified plastic surgeon can repair bottoming out. To see other breast conditions that can be repaired by board certified plastic surgeons, see our problem case gallery.

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