FAQs: Ptosis & Breast Augmentation – Breast Implants Information

Ptosis - what is it?

Ptosis is simply a medical term for sagging of the breast. Some women have this condition naturally whereas many won't experience it, if at all, until after pregnancy or weight gain and loss.

When women with extreme ptosis have breast implants, it is often a consideration that a mastopexy or lift be done in conjunction with the breast augmentation. Due to scarring that can occur in some cases of lift, many women opt for not getting a breast lift and just having larger implants placed to fill out the skin which is sagging.

If sagging is present and a woman opts not to have a lift, implants are typically placed above the muscle to fill out the breast skin and tissue. Submuscular placement could result in a "double bubble" effect. In these cases, the implant appears to be one breast high on the chest whereas the natural breast tissue hanging from it appears to be a separate breast.

See also, the FAQ on Lifts.

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