FAQs: Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation – Breast Implants

Breast-feeding Children After a Breast Augmentation

Is it necessary to wait until after having children before having breast augmentation?

No, although it is a matter of choice for each woman. According to Dr. David Metzner of Manchester, VT, at least half of his breast augmentation patients have the surgery before having their children. Most of those patients have breast-fed without a problem. If the surgery is done with the incision in the axilla (armpit) and the implants are placed under the large pectoral muscle, an approach favored by many surgeons, the entire breast remains above the area of surgery and above the implant so that there is no interference with the milk glands and their connections to the nipple.

In most cases, stretching or sagging is no greater with implants than in women who do not have implants. Therefore, this does not have to be a reason for a woman to put off enjoying the benefits of a breast augmentation until after having her children. Of course, if a woman is actively attempting to get pregnant, and it is a priority, it would make sense to wait until after the baby is born and she has stopped nursing.

Like all choices surrounding whether to get implants and the timing of breast augmentation surgery, this is a very personal decision. Discussing the options in detail with your own plastic surgeon as well as your OB/GYN will help you to make the best choice for you.

This FAQ provided by David M. Metzner, M.D.

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