23 Year Old Breast Augmentation Patient from Northern Nevada

Practice: Murphy Plastic Surgery

Case ID: 2358

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Case Details

This patient of Northern Nevada Plastic Surgery is a 23 year old female who underwent breast augmentation using round, smooth 625cc saline breast implants. She was an A cup before her breast surgery and is a D cup after the operation.

Northern Nevada Plastic Surgery is well known in Reno and in other parts of NV for its excellent results with breast implants. As you can see from this patient’s before photo, she was very thin and had little natural breast tissue to cover the breast implantsReno’s Dr. James Murphy and Dr. Gareth Strand have extensive experience with all types of breast implants and were able to give this woman an excellent result. Her after photo shows large, symmetrical, natural looking breasts with no evidence of scars from the breast implant incisions. Other Reno breast implant patients have received similar results from Northern Nevada Plastic Surgery.

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