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If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

Daniela's Breast Augmentation

Natrelle Silicone Breast Implants 300 cc Under the Muscle
Before Size: I wore a 34 B, but every consult I went to, I was told I was an A.
After Size: 34 C

Day of Breast Augmentation, May 14, 2010, Friday

I got to the plastic surgeon’s office at 10:30am. I met with the doctor to discuss possible complications and what to expect and not to expect from my breast augmentation. Because of my proportion and the lack of breast tissue, he said I could only go so big. He said 300cc, Natrelle Silicone Breast Implants. He said he would try to go a little under and a little over the muscle.

I went into the operating room, and anesthesia was given at 11:19am. That’s the last thing I remember. I then remember trying my best to wake up out of the anesthesia. It was very difficult to wake up. They were rushing me out because they said I would start feeling discomfort right away. The anesthesia would wear off and I needed to get my antibiotic and pain killer in my system with some food as well. I looked at the clock and it was about 2pm. My husband was there with a diet coke and a Subway sandwich. He also went home to get my antibiotic and painkiller. So in the car I had a few bites of the sandwich and took my meds.

When I got home, I already had the recliner couch set up. I plopped on the couch and fell asleep--a very uneasy sleep. I am not good with sleeping on my back, plus in a basically seated position. I did my best and at about 6pm I woke up and forced myself to eat dinner. The pain killers took away my appetite, made me thirsty, jittery and unable to focus on anything. I was advised to only take Tylenol products aside from what was prescribed. So, to help me stay sleepy, I took Tylenol PM. The painkillers made me jittery and unable to focus on all the shows I saved to watch when being home after my breast augmentation.

I probably fell asleep sometime after 11:30pm, but woke up about 3am, wide awake ready to start the day. I turned the TV on, and about 4am took more Tylenol PM to help me fall asleep. At this point I propped the pillows at the end of the couch and slept lying down yet elevated. Better to sleep that way, thank goodness. Even though I slept, per say, it was still an uneasy sleep.

Day 1 Post-op, May 15, 2010, Saturday

My husband came downstairs at about 9:30am, we had breakfast and then showered. I kept the sports bra on and he just cleaned me from the waist down. I still had gauze and tape on my breast, so I couldn’t really see them. I opened the bra to look at them. It felt good to give them some air. I then changed to my less supportive tight sports bra. My husband and I then headed out to the mall to return a bunch of things that I needed to return. Plus, because of the jittery-ness of the painkillers, I needed to get out. After that and eating out to lunch, we headed home.

I got home at about 3pm, and felt beat up. He went to visit my son, who was staying at my mother’s house. I vegged out on the couch all afternoon and tried my best to watch my TV shows. I couldn’t get too into them. My breasts really felt tight and sore. In the morning I had felt a few muscle spasms but they went away. The afternoon to early evening was just very uncomfortable, probably because of all the moving around I did with my husband all morning. I started feeling better a little after 7pm. I stayed on the couch and later in the evening took 3 tylenol PM’s to make me sleepy. It totally worked. At about 12:30am, I shut off the TV and went to sleep. I stayed in the position I was in basically till the morning.

Day 2 Post op, May 16, 2010, Sunday

I got up later in the morning around 8am. I saw my husband was not awake and went right back to sleep. I took a painkiller at that time because I thought I was going to wake up, but I didn’t. My husband came downstairs around 10:30am then we both got up. I am going to try not to take the pain killers until necessary because my son comes home tonight and I am going to need all the painkilling necessary once he is home for good.

I will probably watch the rest of my shows I have saved today and take it easy. I took another painkiller around 12:30 when the pain returned. It really isn’t pain, just soreness and tightness, making it more difficult to move my arms and such. Afterwards I went online a bit, and my friend came to visit around 2pm. After she left my sister in law and friend Gioia came by to visit as well.

Gioia stayed and my other friends Anna and David came by in the evening. I retook my painkiller around 5pm, when the pain returned. After my guests left around 11pm, I took 3 Tylenol PM’s and laid on the couch until I fell asleep. I woke up a few times in the middle of the night to reposition myself.

Day 3, May 17, 2010, Monday

I woke up in the morning around 7am, in tightness-pain, and took a pain killer. My husband got my son ready for school and took him. I still have no appetite. About 10am, I had a little bit of leftover chicken quesadilla from Chilies. Its almost noon now and I try at least once a day to let them breath by unzipping the sports bra for a bit. They felt extremely tight today, and seemed a bit bigger as well.

I felt bloated today, probably since I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since Friday morning. I took 2 ex-lax in the morning today and 2 in the later afternoon. It worked a bit, but I still felt backed up. I looked like I was 4 months pregnant because of the bloating. It stunk. I had cotton mouth, no appetite, and constant bloating.

I laid on the couch at about 8:30pm, took some more Tylenol PM and attempted sleep. My sleep was more restless this night. I couldn’t get comfortable. My son woke up in the night, so I had to run upstairs to see what that was about, which interrupted my already interrupted sleep. I heard my husband’s alarm about 7:30am.

Day 4, May 18, 2010, Tuesday

I woke up groggy from all the Tylenol PM I am sure, and lack of good sleep. I finally had an appetite for breakfast and had my usual Fiber cereal and coffee. I still had cotton mouth. I waited for my husband to get home from taking my son to school, so we could relax on the couch on this rainy day.

I had a rapid heart beat today, yet was sleepy at the same time. I took a late morning nap, and lounged around most of the day. My friend came over in the evening to visit me. I have had no sex drive. I had sex with my husband this night, but my body just couldn’t get into it for some reason.

Day 5, May 19, 2010, Wednesday

I was very aware of what time to get up this morning because I had to go to work. The pain/tightness/soreness wasn’t as bad. It was getting less and less every day now. I got ready for work and drove to work. It wasn’t too bad. Making turns was the worst. I just made sure I didn’t do hand over hand.

The soreness and tightness had really subsided by now. When the painkiller wore off, it just felt tighter. Other than that, I think I was pretty much back to normal.

Day 6, May 20, 2010, Thursday

I had difficulty sleeping last night. I still couldn’t sleep laying down. It felt weird. I went to the plastic surgeon today to get the surgical tape and gauze taken off. Taking off the tape was painful. But they looked great when the tape came off. I was told to clean the stitch with saline, put bacitracin and gauze on it for 3 weeks, and continue to wear the sports bra for 3 weeks. I was also told to massage them 3 times a day using very simple massages.

When I got home the area that had the tape was burning a bit. After showering I put Eucerin cream where the tape was and cleaned it with alcohol. I slept on the couch again. I think I will be sleeping elevated for a few more weeks. Since the tape has been taken off, I can move my arms so much more easily.

Day 7, May 21, 2010, Friday

I only took one painkiller today when I woke up. I felt good. I am able to move my arms very well. Tonight I am switching to my shoulder bag because it’s not painful to have a bag on my shoulder. I went to Kohl’s today and bought 1 bra. A 34 C fit me great. I’m going to show some friends and see what their thoughts are.

When I put new gauze on my stitches today, my left stitch was throbbing a bit. So I took another painkiller. I did experience extreme stomach issues tonight. I feel that the painkillers and antibiotics have seriously affected my stools. I haven’t really taken a poop since my procedure. Yet tonight, it felt like all the laxatives I took all week, that didn’t work, worked tonight. I’ve been on the bowl for 2 hours now. First difficulty going, then to going very loosely.

Day 8, May 22, 2010, Saturday

I woke up early to go to work for a few hours. Since I had to work I figured I’d wear the bra I bought because my sports bra shows too much. Then I understood why the doctor wanted me to wear the sports bra for the first month. It gave great support. I couldn’t wait to take off my new bra and put the sports bra back on when my time at work was over.

I felt a lot better today.

Day 9, May 23, 2010, Sunday

Today I hardly felt like I had breast implants. They seemed to be dropping and not feeling as hard as they had been. Lying down still felt odd. I was in a meeting all day, so didn’t do too much movement. But showering and putting my gauze on didn’t feel as weird as it had.

Day 11, May 25, 2010, Tuesday

Today was my first day back to the gym since before my procedure. I did a spin class. It went well. The only thing I couldn’t do was break away and sprint. That requires peddling standing up and going really fast, or as fast as I could. I went slower, because I couldn’t put force on my arms to peddle fast. Otherwise it went well. I also did some leg machines and stretched easily as well, I was expecting it to be a lot worse.

Day 31, June 14, 2010, Monday

I went to my 3 week post op last Thursday. The stitches my plastic surgeon put in at the ends, the knots didn’t melt off. Throughout the entire 3 weeks recovery, that was the only uncomfortableness I felt. It was just a pinching sensation. At my appointment, he snipped off the knots and I felt normal again.

My breasts felt completely natural at this point. All I did after showering was put some Eucerin on the incision, which was pretty much healed, just a tad bit sensitive to touch. Otherwise I felt great. I was back at the GYM about 90%. I could do upper body, arms, back, shoulders, legs and my Spin class too. The only difficulty I had was doing ab work. Doing the ab machines was nearly impossible as were some other ab moves on the mat. Other than that, my range of motion was good and doing household chores was good as well.

Day 61, July 14, 2010, Wednesday

It’s been 2 months since my breast augmentation and I have to report no issues. I am able to do everything at the gym now. I get an occasional muscle-like spasm. I can’t do heavy weights yet. If I was able to do 10 lbs, I can only do 8 now, for example. But I can do it all, which is what’s important. My incision is healed up and my breasts have become softer as time passes. I am very pleased with my results and especially my plastic surgeon.
- Daniela

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