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If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

Extraordinary Care

My plastic surgeon was Dr. Alan M. Engler
In choosing a doctor for my breast augmentation, I couldn’t have made a better choice than Dr. Engler. My case is a bit complicated so I feel fortunate that he agreed to do my surgery. First of all, I’m disabled. Because I wasn’t sure that he would take on my case I initially contacted him through email. I explained in detail my situation and he wrote back to me right away. He was willing to see me and we set up a consultation. I use a wheelchair to get around and on the day of the consultation his staff was so incredibly helpful in getting me in and out, being that there are a few steps in the front of the facility.Once I met Dr. Engler he really put me at ease because he is so welcoming and a complete professional that I felt comfortable to ask all the questions I had as well as show him my breasts. To add complication to my case I also have asymmetric breasts. One breast was higher and smaller than the other. During the consultation Dr. Engler explained to me that he would try to get them as close in size as possible but that perfect symmetrical breasts wasn’t a realistic result. Dr. Engler described what he would do to try to get them more symmetrical and the risk involved in lowering the crease. It gave me a lot to think about but I placed my trust in Dr. Engler who has a lot of experience in the field.

In regard to choosing a size, Dr. Engler never pushed me to get a certain size; I did the rice test and from there had an idea of the size I would be getting. On the days before surgery I was in constant contact with Dr. Engler. Any question I had I would email him and he would either email me or call me but I never had to wait more than a day for a response. Dr. Engler is very accessible, which I felt comfort with, being that I still had questions. On the day of surgery I was a little nervous but Dr. Engler and his staff were great and I felt confident that I was in good hands.

After waking from surgery, Dr. Engler’s nurse was kind enough to assist my sister in getting me ready to leave. I was very drowsy but well enough to leave and Dr. Engler himself took me outside in the wheelchair. He called me everyday, sometimes twice a day for the following week to see how I was doing. Because of the force I use on my arms to get up and walk to use the bathroom Dr. Engler was wise enough to send me home with a urinary catheter and drains placed in. He went as far as to schedule a Saturday appointment to remove the drains and catheter. Even more, that Saturday was my birthday and he was so gracious as to bring a dessert with a candle and sing happy birthday.

I have nothing but kind words to say about Dr. Engler. Not only is he a truly skilled surgeon that gives you great results but also an extraordinary human being. He has treated my case with the sensitivity I needed to go forward with the procedure. As for my breasts, it has been two months since my surgery and I‘m loving the results so far. It’s still early for me to see what would be the final results but Dr. Engler did a great job and I’m very grateful.

- Anonymous

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