How to Choose A Swimsuit Top After Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement with an implant changes the overall shape of your body. After your breast augmentation surgery you will find that your pre-surgery wardrobe doesn’t always work with your new implants. This is especially evident with lingerie, swimsuits and tops. When searching for the best bathing suit tops post breast augmentation keep in mind support, coverage and your new body shape to find the most flattering fit.

Support and Coverage for Breast Implants

When shopping for suits consider your new cup size and body shape. Depending on your post-op breast size, you may need more support in a bathing suit top than before your surgery. Swimsuit tops that offer the best support are banded halters and tops with wide or thick straps. A banded halter will have a lined insert that fits like a tube top in the lining of the suit as well as a wide band across the bottom of the cups. This offers great seamless support and lift for the implants. Halter top suits allow you to adjust the amount of cleavage while also offering support. Look for halter top styles with thick straps that tie or preferably clasp securely.

Some women with larger breasts choose a tankini top bathing suit. Like a sports bra, a tankini topped suit gives the added support and evenly distributes the weight on your shoulders. The tankini tops are available with many different necklines so there are more choices in how much cleavage you wish to expose. These tops are the best option if you have large implants and a more active lifestyle or are participating in water sports and need more coverage, security, and support.

Although under-wire tops offer support, coverage, and come in cup sizes for a good fit, they are not recommended if you have had breast augmentation surgery. If you are considering an under-wire style top, it is best to consult your surgeon to be sure it is safe for your breast implant size and type of implant. 

Styles to Avoid 

Stay away from bandeau tops as they tend to make breasts look droopy and do not offer enough support in addition to increasing the chance of a dreaded wardrobe malfunction! Triangle tops and string bikini tops don’t offer any support and should only be used for laying out. 

Shopping Tips

When shopping for a two piece bikini, look for suits sold as separates with tops sold by cup size. These types of suits often come is sizes A – DD or larger. Many bathing suits are now sold as separates so you have the ability to purchase a larger top and stay your regular size for the bathing suit bottom. Try on several sizes of the same top starting with the size you wore prior to your breast augmentation. Designers and labels all size suits differently so try similar styles made by different labels. You may also find that suits with removable pad inserts fit great once the pads are removed.

When trying on new bathing suit top options, make sure to move around a bit. Raise your hands, bend over, make swimming motions and see how the different styles and sizes shift with the movement and weight of your implants. The most important thing to be sure of is that you have the coverage you need and feel comfortable with your new body.

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