Wardrobe Tips After Breast Augmentation

One of the most exciting parts of breast augmentation is getting to pick out new clothes. Before going shopping make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to heal. Your new breast will be swollen for 1-2 months. Once you have healed, get out there and enjoy your new curves!

#1 Get measured after surgery to find out your new bra size. It’s so important to find the right bra that’s comfortable and fits well to your new size.

#2 Your new breasts are larger, therefore your clothes will need to be more supportive. Look for sleeveless top or dresses that have thicker, more supportive straps.

#3 Try on different styles and sizes of tops to figure out your new size and which styles flatter your new chest. You may not be able to wear certain styles with your new chest without spilling out the top. Look for tops that accentuate your new bigger bust without being vulgar.

  • Avoid boxy jackets with high necklines and double-breasted styles which will make you appear top heavy. Go for a single breasted, fitted, deep V-neck which will separate the bust and lengthen the body.
  • Avoid tops with ruffles and embellishments across the bust.

#4 V-necks are very flattering as they elongate the body. Any neck style which provides an expanse of flesh from the neck and chest will give you a sleeker figure.

#5 Try on your old clothes and get rid of any clothes that don’t fit your new chest. Signs that a top doesn’t fit the chest are:

  • fabric pulling across the chest – if the top has an empire type waist it shouldn’t go across the breast, it should fit under the breast
  • buttons pulling or popping open.
  • fabric being stretched or pulled.

You can sell your old clothes at a consignment shop, donate them or have a clothing exchange party with friends.

#6 When buying a swimsuit after breast implants look for tops that come in bra sizes and styles that allow you to buy a different size top and bottom.

#7 Look for clothes that flatter your new curvier figure. First determine your new body type, then look for styles that flatter your new frame.

#8 Most importantly wear clothes that make you feel your best.

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