Treatment for Capsular Contracture

One of the possible complications associated with breast augmentation is capsular contracture. What is capsular contracture ?

In every case of breast implants, the body will naturally form a capsule of tissue around the implant as a protective measure. The capsule itself is not a problem; however, if capsular contracture occurs, the capsule tissue will shrink and constrict around the implant, making it look and feel firm. Visit our photo center to see pictures of capsular contracture.

Though doctors have not yet determined what causes capsular contracture there are solutions our there to prevent and treat capsular contracture. Oral steroids like accolate, can be taken for capsular contracture. Breast augmentation revision is another solution. AlloDerm is one of the latest capsular contracture treatment and prevention options.

AlloDerm®, a regenerative tissue matrix, may help to prevent or repair the damage using acellular bio-engineered soft tissue substitutes. The method was developed in 1994 for skin grafting on burn victims, but new research has determined that the science can be applied to tissue regeneration in other parts of the body.

It sounds intimidating, but the science of AlloDerm is actually simple. It is made from dermis, the deep layer of skin, with all the cells removed leaving a collagen matrix. This intact acellular matrix acts as a template for skin cells in your body. It is comprised of natural biological components that promote rapid revascularization and white cell migration aiding the body in generating new, healthy cells and promoting rapid regeneration to stimulate healing. [1]

AlloDerm can be injected into breast tissue. When injected during the breast implant surgery, doctors believe this tissue matrix could prevent the capsule from forming at all. The body will recognize the AlloDerm cells as part of the natural body, and will therefore support their growth with blood vessels and circulation creating healthy tissue. While the cause of capsular contracture is unclear, many surgeons believe that it is the bodies inflammatory response that results in the capsule forming. The AlloDerm is suspected to decrease the bodies inflammatory response around the breast implant, thus decreasing the chance of a capsule from forming . [2]

AlloDerm can also be used during breast reconstruction surgeries. Woman who have had a mastectomy may not have enough healthy breast tissue to properly support implants. AllowDerm can be used during reconstruction to help grow new, healthy tissue to support the implant.

Once capsular contracture is diagnosed, a doctor will either remove the capsule tissue from around the implant or remove the entire implant with the capsule attached. This surgical choice is dependent on the severity of your individual case. Either way, the damaged tissue is removed. During the revision surgery, doctors will use AlloDerm to prevent a second episode of capsular contracture following the revision surgery.

As with any new developments in cosmetic procedures, you need to be very careful when choosing a doctor. Research all potential surgeons and review the portfolios of their work, because there is an art to plastic surgery that requires highly skilled hands. You can check out our listings of board certified plastic surgeons to help you in your search.


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