Nicole’s Breast Augmentation Photos

What Nicole's Saline Implants Looked Like After 8 Years. . .


Nicole's Breast Implants 1 Nicole's Breast Implants 2
 Nicole's Breast Implants 3  Nicole's Breast Implants 4
Nicole's Breast Implants 5 Nicole's Breast Implants 6
Nicole's Breast Implants 7 Nicole's Breast Implants 8

These were Mentor saline implants. The implants were 325 cc's and the manufacturer's recommended fill volume was 325 to 390 cc's.

An optimal overfill would have been 429 cc's. Mine were filled to 445 and 450 cc's. This is probably one reason why mine seemed way too firm. Read more on overfill here.

I took photos against numerous backgrounds so you could see a couple of interesting things. First, the water in the implants was crystal clear. No bacteria. No fungus. No sea monkeys. Any color that you see in any of these photos is from air bubbles around the implant valve wherever I sat the implant for photo (see photo 7 for valve location).

What was more interesting to me is that the implants were not only way too overfilled, I am convinced that they must have also been anatomical implants (see photo 8). The only marking on the implant was a number "5". I was told by my first surgeon that I had received Mentor Style 1600 round saline implants (375 cc's filled to 425). I guess not. They were also smooth so this may be why I often experienced the flipping implant phenomenon. I didn't know it at the time.

Dr. Pozner has a chart that matches that number up to Mentor's size chart and "5" equals a Mentor saline 325 cc implant.

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