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Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Stories from our Visitors

If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

I am Perky Now!

I am a mother of 2, and my boobs were never what I would call perky. But after my 2nd child, they were terrible. I was so sick of having to stuff my bras, and barely fitting into an A! It was really hindering my choices in clothing and swimsuits. I wasn't concerned as much with the size, as the sagginess and uneveness of my breasts.

I went to a few doctors before I decided to do it. The consensus was that I needed a lift and implants to fill me out as I didn't have too much tissue going on. I really liked one PS in particular, so I decided to go with him. He does his surgery in the hospital, rather than a surgery center, and I really just felt more comfortable with that. I had never been put under before, and I was terrified.

I arrived at the hospital at 6 am. The doctor came and talked to me and did his markings. They started the IV, gave me something to calm me, and the last thing I remember was being rolled into the operating room.

I woke up at 1:15. I was scheduled to be done at 11:30! The Dr explained that he had to take some extra time to get the asymmetry corrected perfectly. That is why I love my doctor! He really cares about getting the "perfect" result! I felt okay, and the ride home was uneventful. I felt pressure in my chest, but it was much better than I had anticipated.

I got home and was tired, I looked like a corpse from the anesthesia, my lips were blue. After a few hours, I got extremely nauseous. I was afraid to take my meds, but took the antinausea med they gave me. It made me puke. My mouth was as dry as the sahara desert. I couldn't even chew a piece of bread my mouth was so dry. The nausea and dry mouth were the worst part of the surgery experience. Thank goodness it ended around midnight.

I never really experienced much pain. It was more discomfort than anything. My mom and sisters took care of me thank goodness, as I couldn't use my arms at all for the first 36 hours. It was frustrating to not be able to do the things I normally do, that was also really hard. I went to my post op and my bandages were removed. They looked totally crazy. I expected this, but its different when you see it on yourself! They were also ginormous with all of the swelling!

By the 4th day post op, I was pretty functional. I spent the day with my kids(5 and 1) alone. It was tiring, but no major problems. I only lifted my little one in and out of his bed. The Dr said this was okay, as long as I was very slow and careful. Of course I would not have done it had I experienced any pain. It was fine.

By day 5 the swelling had diminished majorly. They are looking smaller and I am starting to envision the final result. I had a donut lift and the areolas are healing nicely. All my stitches are internal and dissolving, so I don't have to deal with stitch removal. They have dropped a bit, and are getting softer, but I know I still have a long way to go!

Age: 32
Race/Color: Caucasian
Children: 2.
2 breastfed
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Size: I went from an A cup to aD cup
Implant Manufacturer: Inamed / Allergan (formerly McGhan)
Implant Fill: Silicone Implant Size: 500 cc's
Implant Profile: High Profile
Implant Shape: Round Implant
Surface: Smooth
Implant Placement: Under the muscle
Incision: Donut / Benelli

- Charity

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