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If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

24 Hour Recovery from Breast Augmentation in Dallas

My plastic surgeon was Dr. John B. Tebbetts
Well, first let me say this choice was not an easy one. My breasts changed, (flattened), after early menopause. Never really had an issue with my small perky breasts before this unexpected event.

I sat on this for a period of time, thought OK this is normal aging I can take it, although living with the fact I could no longer wear any kind of properly fitting blouse without something stuffed into my bra!

I thought OK so be it. Well, as time went on I became frustrated with always having to wear these little pads, they are hot, and now I was always having hot flashes. Then I had to carefully pick tops that did not reveal them, and lastly putting on a bathing suit made me feel anxious worrying about them slipping out etc... So I started my research on the possibility of BA.I thought long and I thought hard. I am a single mother, and so really had to weigh the pros and cons on many levels. After many years of research, talking to any woman that had them, and visiting Nicole's site for endless hours of reading and viewing I knew for me this was the path I needed to take.

I set out to meet with surgeons, and in the process learned so much about the fact that all surgeons are trained differently and bring to the table their own talents. They have different techniques and use different products. I had to know all the details to the nth degree for my comfort level. Everyone is different here. First bit of advice, honor your needs.

Second bit of advice, know what you want to create, because as I found out the outcome depends so much on the surgeon's understanding of his craft.

I interviewed and listened to them all, saw their results and walked away feeling not on the same page. I knew what I wanted for me, for my body. No one I saw echoed back to me this same understanding.

In my local area, where I had resided before moving, there were a few surgeons with very good reputations and so I looked at their work and could see a lot of them were putting very large, fake looking breasts into all of their clients. They all looked the same, "a boob job look." I did not want that at all, so thought I will wait and/or forget about it.

Life happened, money was needed for this or that and then I had an opportunity to move and chose to take advantage of it and got involved in relocating, new job, new school for my child etc... Well one day after a few months had gone by I was browsing in a used book store and happened upon a book titled "The Best Breast." Boy, did that catch my eye!!! I thought I had let it go, but decided to take a gander and see what this man had to say.

The minute I opened the book I knew this man knew his craft. His understanding of the entire subject resonated with me completely, and through-out, once he explains a point he also says if you can not live with this possibility, or that, then DO NOT have a breast augmentation! He lets you know loud and clear he can only do what YOUR tissues dictate, nothing more. He brings to the table 30 plus years of experience in technique and a continuous thirst to be the best and to have the best outcome for his clients. He explains EVERY detail with clear, concise, comprehendible information, and backs it all up with statistics! Not one stone left unturned with this man.

I read his book from cover to cover and knew I wanted to make contact and see if this was too good to be true.

I called and was professionally responded to by his wife Terrye, who in her area is just as knowledgeable and no nonsense as her husband, how refreshing!

She answered my questions, sent me the new book, instructed me to read this as well, and be back in touch if I wanted to move forward.

I did. I knew I had found the RIGHT man for the job. Finally! It was going to be a reality!

ere we go! Once you decide, dates are discussed. I am an out-of-towner, so there are certain options here.

You meet with Dr. Tebbetts on Thursday and have your procedure done
on Friday, and then follow up on Saturday. Yes it is true 24 HOURs and you can drive and function with only Motrin for pain.

I took care of my needed blood work, mammography, etc... filled out paper-work, and from Arizona, got to Texas and settled into a recommendedhotel.

I heard from the Nurse Anesthetist the night before, who also told me, step by step, what would be happening to me the next day, and again patiently answered all my questions.

The next morning I got dropped off by taxi (came alone), was greeted by staff, taken to a small pre-op room, undressed, donned the OR garb and just as he said, the Nurse Anesthetist came and started my IV and let me know how long it would be before I went. Came back like clock-work and got me onto the OR table, gave me a pinch of a drug and then I awoke already dressed, IV out and was being instructed to take sips of soda. No headache, or nausea what-so-ever. I felt very tight of course and had only steri-strips to my op-sites.

I hired a nurse to come back to the hotel with me (mandatory if alone), although I was very functional. I felt fine in fact, ordered pizza upon returning, ate and two hours later started to do my exercises, took my shower, got dressed and went to the mall.

Of course tired, stayed up until 10, laid on my breasts...What? yes, I could, and went to sleep.

Stayed a few days post-op to make sure I was OK, drove to post-op appointment....all as should be, left and did some sight-seeing!

Flew out three days later and have been honoring their instructions...finished my Motrin, and doing my stretches, and nightly lying on them, and all is well. My steri-strips fell off at week two, and my incisions are healing as they should.

My breasts are firm, shiny, and a little asymmetrical as expected. The size, just perfect! and feeling like me more and more with each passing day!, SO.......... the title.... "The Best Breast"Can this man claim this stake? YOU BET HE CAN!!!!!

I urge any woman considering this forever physically altering procedure to first please at least read this well written and researched work of Dr. Tebbett's. He wants every woman to know the facts first.

He and his team will deliver what they say they are going to deliver with the utmost of care, professionalism, and expertise.

Do your homework, and follow your heart. Every woman knows what she
needs to do for herself, for her body.

I encourage all of you on this same path to take your time, and hope this information will facilitate the next person, as all these posting did for me.

The "Best Breast" to you! 🙂

Age: 48
Race/Color: Caucasian
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Size: I went from an A cup to aB cup
Implant Manufacturer: Mentor
Implant Fill: Silicone
Implant Size: 275 cc's,
Implant Profile: Regular
Implant Shape: Round
Implant Surface: Textured
Implant Placement: Under the muscle
Incision: Crease (inframammary)

Plastic Surgeon: Dr. John B. Tebbetts, Dallas, Texas

- Avery

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